When one of our patients was asked if he was experiencing any problems this is what he said: "My mouth has never felt this good!" Silvio L.

I came in the other day for a crown and I have to say that this was the best temporary I have ever had! Ron G.

"Today I had a tooth taken care of that was cracked and had a cavity. I told Dr. Hawley that having this done was less painful than going to the staff meeting I was supposed to go to!"

Don P.       Local Teacher

"I went to the dentist to get some fillings done and when they were in my mouth my sister asked me how the shot was. I told her I didn't get a shot, they just did the fillings. I found out afterward I did get a shot I just didn't feel it."

Andrew H. Age 10

"I had to have a couple of my front teeth extracted and a partial made. I was very nervous that people would be able to notice they were not my real teeth. That weekend I went out on a date and she didn't even notice. I was very impressed with the quality of work that I received and how natural they looked."

Mark R.

"I was having a root canal done and I was so comfortable that I could even check my e-mail during the procedure."

Robert F.

" I have had dental work done both here and around. Every time I went in it hurt. Then I met Dr. Hawley and she assured me that it wouldn't hurt, and at first I was very nervous, but she was right! It was completely painless. I feel very grateful now because I am not afraid to see the dentist."

Mary S.

"I have known Dr. Hawley since 1995. She has been my dentist for 13 years now! I have always hated going to the dentist. My wife would just schedule appointments for me and tell me the day before so I couldn't cancel. I hate the sound of the drill and I don't like people being in my mouth. At my appointment today, I was getting a crown done. I fell asleep and the dental assistant had to wake me up so I wouldn't bite her during the impressions. So as you can see I have come a long way over the years. You should call and schedule an appointment today!"

Pastor Don K.

“I was in to have treatment done on my front tooth and I asked Dr. Hawley ‘Wait a minute!! Aren’t you going to numb it first?’ She said ‘I did’. She numbed me without me even realizing it!  Gary D. 

"I didn't know how bad I felt until I felt good. Never felt better since I had dental work done." Sam T Ortonville, Mi

" If I had ever had a hygienist like Emi, I would not have waited 10 years to get my teeth cleaned." Tony Wilson Goodrich, Mi  

Patient- "Am I gonna get a shot today?" Dr. Hawley- "You already did buddy."

7 yr old Patient

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