Our Technology

Dexis Digital Radiography

Patient Benefits

  • Less waiting time
  • Shorter appointments
  • More comfortable procedure
  • Reduced exposure to radiation
  • Better understanding of treatment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No more film or chemicals

Relax with our massage cushions and watch your favorite video with our video glasses!!

We strive to offer the most up-to-date approach to dentistry through our technology and services. We offer Video Eyewear for children and adults allowing them to enjoy their favorite movies while in the chair. We also use an intraoral camera that allows us to show you what we are seeing to help you make more informed decisions.

Seeing is Believing

The intraoral camera looks like a small wand. Inside is a tiny, but very powerful video camera. This camera takes a picture of the inside of the mouth and magnifies it up to 40 times. This allows both the doctor and patient to see the teeth in more detail than ever before.

What Does This Do For You?

Dentists find this new technology enormously helpful. After all, the mouth is avery small space and it’s also dark in there! In the past, all we had was a small hand held mirror, so anything that helps us see better is a very big plus. But what about you, the patient? How does it help you? Here are just a few ways:

1. Because you can see exactly what I see you’ll know the condition of your mouth and teeth as well as I will. You become a partner in your diagnosis. We have noticed that patients are much more comfortable and at ease when they know exactly what the doctor is seeing.

2. The camera helps us find small problems before they become big ones. Treating problems while they are still small is much easier and cheaper than waiting until they become big problems.

3. And finally, what the camera does is make your diagnosis and treatment extremely accurate. With this precision you will know you are getting the exact treatment you need for the dental problems you have.

Sapphire Supreme - The Greatest Light Available

Sapphire Supreme has been proven #1 for composite hardness in just 5seconds when compared to other popular lights using recommended curing times. Fast and complete curing is all about getting the greatest total energy to the restoration. Independent research at a leading university shows that the Sapphire Supreme got it right! Sapphire delivers the greatest total energy in just 5 seconds to produce the hardest top and bottom restoration surfaces.

What does this mean for you:

- Shorter appointment time

- Higher Quality Curing

- The comfort in knowing your dentist is using the most up-to-date procedures and technology to offer you the best services possible

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